Red and White in Rough Canyon

A fin of rocks splits the canyon.

With a new storm system approaching, but mud down low, I decided to head up to Rough Canyon in the Bangs Canyon SRMA to the South of Grand Junction.

The parking lot was still frozen enough to avoid the mud and the start of the trail offered plenty of patches of snow to jump between in the muddy sections. I headed up the Mica Mine trail with my two Labradors to capture Rough Canyon in its winter cloak.

High above the red and white and green of Rough Canyon
Rough Canyon

Rough Canyon

The trail and streamed were icy and snow packed making the footing interesting, especially while scouting the canyon walls above me. My dogs happily romped, released from a couple days of being homebound. A few birds were active gleaning the trees, but we had the Canyon to ourselves. A 30 minute walk gave me a chance to settle into the rhythm of the trail and about half a mile in, I found the location I wanted to photograph.

A Pinyon stands out against a varnished wall of Rough Canyon
Rough Canyon

My hope is to return regularly to several of the sections of Rough Canyon, and to the Mica Mine trail specifically, this winter and throughout the year, to capture it in a variety of phases. It experiences an amazing spectrum of weather. From the ice and snow of a winter canyon. To the scorching heat mid summer. The overhanging red walls also provide needed shade and thanks to the snows of winter, a running stream, teaming with life, late into most summers.

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